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Find a Qualified Hypnotherapist

Jeanne Clark, LCSW at 708-442-5728, e-mail JeanneClark@JeanneClarkLCSW.com. Jeanne is located in Riverside, Illinois not far from Brookfield Zoo and Chicago.

Mary Kullman, LCPC at 630-270-2072, e-mail spiritmk7@gmail.com. Mary is located in Aurora, Illinois, close to the I-88 Tollway and Naperville.

Nina Pernecke, LCSW at (312) 366-3478, www.ChicagoCounselingHypnosis.com, or e-mail nina@chicagocounselinghypnosis.com. Nina is located in Lincoln Park, on Chicago’s north side, near Fullerton and Clark.

You can find a qualified practitioner

Go to the website of the American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts at www.aamh.com, or call the Hypnosis Hotline to find a therapist in the United States or Canada: 888- 45HYPNO (454-9766).

Qualified Hypnotherapist checklist

When looking for a qualified hypnotist, hypnotherapist or hypnoanalyst, ask if they are:

  • Licensed to do therapy
  • Have a Master’s degree or above in counseling Social Work (LCSW or similar), Psychology (MS, PhD, PsyD), Marriage and Family Counseling, LCPC, LMFT, MD, DO, MDiv or other degree in Pastoral counseling or similar, DDS
  • Certified by a national hypnosis, hypnotherapy or hypnoanalysis organization
  • Have advanced clinical training in hypnosis

To find a qualified hypnotherapist

It is important to find a qualified practitioner. Make sure your practitioner is a licensed professional with a master’s degree or doctorate, or is a licensed doctor or dentist. They must also have advanced clinical training in the practice of hypnotherapy or hypnoanalysis. While hypnosis has been used safely and effectively for hundreds of years, in Illinois and other states the practice of hypnosis is not regulated. Many hypnotists are not licensed. If you are only looking for relaxation, credentials may not be very important. However, if you want to make changes in your life, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, finding relief for anxiety or depression, or to make other changes, qualifications are important. Find out what certification requirements they had to meet. A weekend course does not qualify even a licensed practitioner to work with all issues.

AAMH members include some of the most highly qualified, experienced, and expert hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis professionals in the United States today.

AAMH requires Clinical Members to have a Master’s Degree or above and to be licensed for clinical practice. They also require hundreds of hours of training in hypnoanalysis and that professionals pass a written examination and then an oran examination. The above website includes complete training requirements for Clinical Membership. Go to www.AAMH.com to the find a therapist page.

Go to Psychology Today Find a Therapist website at https://therapists.psychologytoday.com/rms/. They list therapists from all over the United States. They check each therapist’s license to be sure they have basic qualifications and are not barred from practice.

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