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Mary Kullman, LCPC
American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts

We have speakers who can give presentations to professionals or lay audiences in schools, organizations, or ad hoc groups. Presentations vary in length from one hour to full day and multi-day workshops.

For Professional Organizations

  • Introduction to hypnosis
  • When to refer for hypnotherapy, and what you need to know to make a good referral
  • What professionals need to know about hypnosis
  • Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy with clients/patients
  • Training classes: Introduction to hypnosis (101 course) ; Introduction with specific focus such as pain management, stop smoking, weight loss, etc. (102 course)
  • Advanced Course: training in hypnoanalysis
  • Host an AAMH annual conference

Courses and presentations to organizations can be economical working with AAMH Training Professionals.

For schools, churches, and other community organizations:

  • What is hypnosis: brief history of hypnosis, what is hypnosis, how can it be used
  • Relaxation techniques, stress reduction
  • Demonstrations of relaxation techniques
  • Stop smoking or weight loss groups

We offer talks at a variety of price ranges including pro bono for some organizations.

Bring AAMH hypnosis training to your organization.

If you are interested in bringing hypnosis training to your area or organization or are interested in attending training, you may also contact:

Jeanne Clark, LCSW
E-mail: JeanneClark@JeanneClarkLCSW.com
Website: www.IllinoisHypnosis.com

Mary Kullman, LCPC
E-mail: spiritmk7@gmail.com
Website: www.IllinoisHypnosis.com

AAMH’s Central Office:
1-888-454-9766 (45-hypno)
Website: www.AAMH.com

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