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Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, and Other Uses of Hypnosis

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Why Hypnosis works for weight when other things have not

Many people start diet and exercise programs with every intention of losing weight and keeping it off. They decide this time will be different. Perhaps there is a new diet, or even new diet pill. But, they don’t manage to stick to it. You may be one of these people. Some people say taking weight off isn’t the problem, it’s keeping it off!

Why? The answer lies in how the brain works.

The part of the brain that controls your eating and lack of exercise just can’t be reached with conscious decisions. It is not a matter of will power. For most people with weight problems, emotions got connected with food and weight at an earlier stage of life. That connection happens in a part of your brain that never hears about your New Year’s resolution or the new diet.

It’s kind of like Pavlov’s dog. Russian researcher Ivan Pavlov rang a bell every time his dog ate. Soon, all Pavlov had to do was ring the bell and his dog would salivate. If the dog heard the bell ring, he couldn’t make his mouth stop watering. For humans the stimulus can be something that happens in the environment such as a difficult conversation, or troubling thoughts. You may not even know what the stimulus is. When difficult feelings arise, the need to eat just seems automatic and compelling. The obvious problem is, that when the impulse to eat has nothing to do with your need for nutrition, you end up eating more than you need to. Here’s the good news.

Brain researchers now know that we can “un-ring Pavlov’s bell.”2 We can disconnect the stimulus from the impulse to overeat or to remain sedentary. And, we can reconnect the need to eat with the need for healthy nutrition. We can end the emotional need to eat and reconnect with what the body actually needs. How does hypnosis help? Hypnosis, in fact, is the key. During a state of hypnosis, the conscious mind goes into the background and you have access to the part of the brain that connects stimulus with responses.

There are specific hypnosis techniques that work for weight problems with different causes. We can find out what your causes of over eating or extra weight are and resolve them. The goal is gradual, permanent weight loss. Hypnotherapy: If you’ve just gained a few pounds in recent months, weight loss hypnotherapy can help strengthen your motivation and help you change habits. Or If you’ve gotten into the habit of eating when you want a break, self-hypnosis can provide a relaxing refreshing change of pace that actually helps reduce stress and give you renewed energy. These techniques are especially important with new research that has discovered the link between stress and weight gain.

Hypnoanalysis: Advanced hypnotherapy

Perhaps you know you’re a stress eater or that your eating is related to your emotions. Some people eat to stuff anger, to comfort, or reward themselves; often people eat to protect themselves. When emotional issues get connected with food and weight deep within the brain, it is necessary to find out how that happened and resolve it. Hypnoanalysis is an in-depth process used to resolve the emotional issues and then disconnect food from those issues. Engrained emotional habits are ‘programmed’ in the subconscious. The problem is that the conscious part of the mind—which is different part of the brain—does not have access to the subconscious mind—in the lower brain. The good news is that while in hypnosis, we have access to those difficult-to-access parts of the brain. Using hypnoanalysis we can discover the cause of the problem, resolve it and help you reach your weight loss goals. And if you already know you are having difficulties with anxiety, depression, stress, or other emotions, hypnoanalysis can work with those difficulties and weight at the same time. Our goal is always that clients reach their ideal weight and maintain it permanently.

Weight issues are complex. Often a thorough physical check up with your doctor is needed to ensure there are no hormonal or other endocrine problems. Also, researchers are discovering a close link between lack of sleep and weight gain. A recent study found that in children, the difference in one hour sleep can mean a 300% (not a typo!) increased chance of obesity3. Hypnosis can also help improve sleep.

Take charge today and call for more information on how hypnosis can help you. If you would like more information on how hypnosis can help please call Jeanne Clark, LCSW in the Riverside/Chicago area at 708-442-5728 or e-mail her at JeanneClark@JeanneClarkLCSW.com. Or call Mary Kullman, LCPC in the Naperville/Aurora area at 630-270-2072, or e-mail her at spiritmk7@gmail.com. Start improving your life today. To find a hypnotherapist click here. Not all hypnotherapists are qualified to do hypnoanalysis, so be sure to check your hypnotherapist’s qualifications.

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