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Smoking cessation is one of the common uses for hypnosis. For many people smoking is a simple habit. If you really want to quit smoking our three-visit Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Program can help you with this challenge. You probably already know why you need to quit smoking. You can see what the American Lung Association has to say about the effects of cigarette smoke. Did you know that according to the Mayo Clinic, within 24 hours of being smoke free, the risk of heart attack is reduced because nicotine and carbon monoxide have been eliminated from the body? In one year, the risk of a heart attack is cut in half.

Why does it work?

We know that breaking the smoking habit is challenging. You probably already know that simply making a logical decision to stop smoking doesn’t work well for many people. Smoking, like other habitual patterns are ‘programmed’ in the subconscious mind, which many researchers have identified as part of the brain. Hypnosis targets these areas of brain function, the parts of the brain that makes about 90% of the decisions we make. Hypnotherapy allows positive suggestions to take effect and change many habits.

Some people have some emotional attachment to smoking. If you smoke more when you are stressed, or started smoking again after you had quit during a stressful time in your life, you may be one of these people. In this situation, the emotional connection to smoking needs to be addressed to help you become a permanent non-smoker. If you are not sure if this is your situation, our program is individualized to address the physical as well as the mental/emotional areas of smoking cessation.

Find the support you need to become a non-smoker and re-gain control over your life! Give us a call and find out how Hypnosis can be your ticket to freedom! the American Lung Association

Take charge today and call for more information on how hypnosis can help you. If you would like more information on how hypnosis can help please call Jeanne Clark, LCSW in the Riverside/Chicago area at 708-442-5728 or e-mail her at JeanneClark@JeanneClarkLCSW.com. Or call Mary Kullman, LCPC in the Naperville/Aurora area at 630-983-4577, or e-mail her at spiritmk7@gmail.com. Start improving your life today. To find a hypnotherapist click here. Not all hypnotherapists are qualified to do hypnoanalysis, so be sure to check your hypnotherapist’s qualifications.

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