Anxiety, Depression, Performance, and Public Speaking

Why Hypnosis Works for Anxiety, Panic, and Phobias

Panic, phobias, and anxiety strike a lot of people. Often, the problem arises suddenly. For others it worsens over time.

You may have discovered that you can’t talk yourself or anyone else out of these kinds of problems. You may have even gotten some relief talking to a counselor, but found the results did not last.

How can hypnosis help for Anxiety, Including Panic and Phobia?
Hypnosis for anxiety helps by encouraging the logical mind to fade into the background. This allows the client and therapist to have access the information needed to relieve the problem.

Hypnosis for Depression
Hypnosis used in psychotherapy is called Hypnoanalysis. Using this advanced tool we can discover the cause of an individual’s depression and resolve it.

The first step is to find the cause of the problem. The next step is to resolve the memories that conditioned the mind to develop the problem. We then help develop new, more effective ways to function. And finally, we reinforce new patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving.

Hypnosis for Stage Fright/Public Speaking
Stage fright functions the same way as does other types of anxiety. Something about the setting triggers a fear response in the brain. Hypnoanalysis can de-condition this response. In addition, learning self-hypnosis and other techniques gives performers tools to relax and approach events with focus and clarity.