Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, and Other Uses of Hypnosis

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Why Hypnosis works for weight when other things have not
Many people start diet and exercise programs to lose weight and keep it off, but they don’t seem to stick to it. Why? Because of how the brain works.

The part of the brain that controls your lack of exercise and your eating can’t be reached with conscious decisions. For most people with weight problems, emotions became connected with weight and food at an earlier time in life. That connection exists in the part of your mind that never receives information about your new diet.

We can disconnect the stimulus from the impulse to remain sedentary and to overeat. We then can reconnect the need to eat with the requirement for healthy nutrition. We can end the emotional need to eat and reconnect with the needs of the body.

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking
Smoking cessation is one of the common uses for hypnosis. For many people smoking is a habit. If you really want to quit smoking the three-visit Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Program offered by Mary Kullman and Jeanne Clark can help you with this challenge. You probably already know why you want to quit smoking. According to the Mayo Clinic, within 24 hours of being smoke free, the risk of heart attack is reduced because nicotine and carbon monoxide have been eliminated from the body. In one year, the risk of a heart attack is cut in half.

Why does it work?
You may already know that simply making a logical decision to stop smoking doesn’t work well for many people. Smoking, like other habits is ‘programmed’ in the subconscious mind. Hypnosis targets the part of the brain that makes about 90% of the decisions we make. Hypnotherapy allows positive suggestions to take effect and change many habits.
Some people may have some emotional connection to smoking. If you smoke more when you are feeling stressed, or started smoking again during a stressful time in your life after you had quit, you may be one of these people. In this situation, the emotional attachment to smoking is addressed to help you become a permanent non-smoker. If you are not sure if this is your situation, this program is individualized to address the mental/emotional as well as physical areas of smoking cessation.

Find the support you need to become a non-smoker and re-gain control over your life! Give us a call and find out how hypnosis can be your ticket to freedom.

Hypnosis for Pain Management
Many people have used hypnotherapy successfully to manage pain. Hypnosis has been used for pain management by the medical community all over the world for centuries.

How does it work?
Pain is a signal to the brain from the nervous system. The brain can be taught to modify pain signals for long and brief periods of time, using hypnosis.
Tension also serves to magnify pain. Another aspect of pain relief is to relax every muscle. This time of self- relaxation, which includes being almost pain free, can be as long as you wish. Hypnosis also serves to manage pain through the relaxation of the mind, thereby reducing the anticipation of pain. The mind can be distracted from pain through use of hypnosis, as well.

Finally, anxiety can help to alleviate the depression and anxiety that may accompany pain, making it less likely to interfere with day to day life.
In some situations, pain is a warning that something is wrong. When this is experienced, it should be assessed by a medical doctor.

Hypnosis for Sports Performance
The greatest athletes know how to focus and concentrate their minds, block distractions, and achieve a state of alertness that is both intense and loose. This is often called the zone. The state of focused, alert, relaxed attention allows athletes to achieve their to performance. Hypnosis is defined as a state of focused attention while the body is relaxed. Many top athletes use this state to rehearse events and train their minds, whatever their level of skill or age. This includes weekend warriors!

The sports performance program offered by Mary Kullman and Jeanne Clark in their respective offices is a multi-session package individualized for each person. It includes learning self-hypnosis, suggestions for individual sports, hypnotherapy suggestions for individualized for each person, a personal sports enhancement recording, and analysis of issues that block performance.